Does your service guarantee profit?

No. Profit is not guaranteed. Short periods are more prone to greater variance, so our longer subscriptions have a much lower monthly amount so that you have the opportunity to make the most out of our work. With dedication, knowledge, experience, professionalism, we intend to continue growing our members’ bets managements, thus continuing the work we have done so far.

Are you a betting group?

We are much more than that. We are an information consulting company for sports markets. We are a company that provides consulting services in sports markets, adopting various strategies developed over the last years in order to achieve the best results. You can use our team not only to consult our work, but also to learn on how to be a better bettor.

At what time do you provide the predictions and how far in advance?

We try to have the predictions ready at 9pm the day before the matches so that you have time to bet without any limitation.

Do you have a loyalty period?

No, we don’t. When you subscribe our services, you choose for how long do you want them and it will be given access to everything that you subscribed for that period. After the subscription ends, you can renew the service or drop out. There is no loyalty at all. Watch out for the end of the subscription period so you never miss a day of our work.

What kind of tips can I expect? What sports dominate?

You can count on predictions studied and detailed to the maximum where we take into account varied parameters for a greater effectiveness of them. Example: Moment Shape; Previous Results; Historical Comparison; Style of Play; Training; Absences; Importance of the match; Calendar.

The core of our work is soccer, but we also bet on Basketball, Tennis, Futsal, Beach Soccer, Volleyball, Ice Hockey. If we find a valuable bet, this will be launched regardless of the sport.

How do I have access to your prognostics?

If you have an active subscription you can consult the prognostics in the top menu in prognosis and choose the service you want.

Will you help me managing my bets?

Yes, we give you the basics so that you can manage your account correctly. If you find it difficult, you will have our team ready to take a deeper look at your situation and help you follow the path to success. Bets management really important for your success.

How many predictions do you launch each day?

Every day you will have access to the predictions corresponding to the service that you subscribed to: 5 simple bets in the Premium Club, 1 Combined with 3 games in the Premium Combination where it includes the Premium Bet and 1 bet for the Master Challenge if it is taking place.

What is the initial investment?

Each person is different and their financial capacity and risk profile must be analyzed.

We have members in the community who started with €50 and others who have over €40000 in their betting account. But if you are starting and still don’t have any experience in this world, €50 on your account could be a good starting point. Note that you will not bet €50 on a single bet, but rather manage that amount for all bets. With €50, you should bet around €2-2.50€ per bet.

How can I subscribe your services?

In the top menu, under “Join / Subscribe” select the service that you want to subscribe and after this step you can choose how long you want to subscribe it for.

In the cart you can check the total of your purchase and, if it is the case, add a discount coupon.

At the end of the order you must choose the payment method and, if you have not already registered, create your account.

After the payment you will have immediate access to your subscription.

What are the payment methods?

We accept payments by ATM References, Payshop References, MBWay, Skrill and Neteller.

These methods have an instant confirmation. If you prefer, you can also pay by bank transfer, but you will only have access to our service when the transfer takes place, which may take 2 business days.

To follow the prognostics, do I need to watch the matches?

No, the purpose of our service is that you don’t have to worry analyzing or watching the matches and you can have an extra monthly income without much work.

When will I have access to the service I subscribed?

Once you have paid for the services you have chosen, we will try to give you access to everything you are entitled to. We always want to be as quick as possible so you can start betting!

Can I bet my money directly with you?

No. We are not an online gambling. We are a consulting company for information on sports markets. You can use our information to bet, but do not bet directly with us.